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Posted by Prabin Paudel on Dec 2012

This is a coding exercise that will run until the end of this month (December 2012.) The one who will submit the best answer first will win this challenge and a 6 month PAID internship at with the possibility of turning him or her as a full time employee.

The coding exercise is very easy. It is not even an algorithmic or data structures question. I will provide you the link to all the resources and you just have to submit the answer. It’s more like an open book exam, if you have done one in the past.

Rather than asking Fizzbuzz or binary search tree, I am being very honest and want to test on something that you will do from day one you will join is a web based app build on Ruby on Rails[1], PostgreSQL[2], Twitter Bootstrap[3], Amazon AWS[4], Amazon S3[5], CoffeeScript[6], jQuery[7] and some of the cool technologies.

The challenge is to create an app using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on[8] using a repository stored on github[9]. None of these will require you to have a credit card to sign up the basic service.

The app should have following feature:

1. On the first page of the app, it should show a dropdown with a list of User Names. Let’s say if I am a first time user, it should also allow me to input my User Name for the first time, but when I come to this app from second time, I can just select it from the drop-down.

2. Once I select my name ( or enter my name ), it will take me to the second page
a. If I am coming to this page for the first time, it should show me a form with n number of fields to fill.
b. If I am coming second time, it will show me the previous records that I have saved. However, it should also allow me to create a new record as in 2.a

3. After filing up the required information it should generate a PDF that I can download for the current record. It should also save this to the database so that this same record can be selected at step 2.b.

4. That’s it.

You can choose any library, gem, or anything you want. You can either generate pdf using gem, javascript, HTML5 or your own library. But you should put all your source code in and deploy it on What you need to submit is your URL to heroku app and your github

This tutorial should be enough to get you started installing git, ruby on rails and configuring your github account and start coding -

Please feel free to ask any questions or confusions you have.

Good Luck!

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[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
[6] -
[7] -
[8] -
[9] -

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